Generations of experience with expansive core systems in the financial and credit sectors

Cross Cat's experience in building large-scale systems for banks, insurance companies, and other elements of the financial sector spans several decades. Our wealth of experience extends also to the credit sector, which provides critical consumer services. Systems for these sectors – elements of the foundation upon which society rests – must operate stably every hour of every day, day in and day out. That Cross Cat has been called upon to build such mission-critical systems for over 30 years attests to the outstanding quality and reliability of our development work.

From consulting to BI tool provision and development and provision of industry and operation templates – A full range of support for the construction of systems that contribute to rapid, accurate decision making.

BI, or “business intelligence,” refers to processes and approaches for breaking down and analyzing the massive information assets of a company and extracting information useful to the company's operations. As support for rapid, accurate decision making and strategy development, BI has become the focus of growing attention in various industry sectors. Cross Cat, leveraging its wealth of experience in the field of BI, offers sophisticated consulting and support services. These include not only the provision of advanced BI tools through our business partners but also services like the development and provision of templates enabling the optimization of BI for particular industries and operations. We provide comprehensive support for the building of BI systems that give company management a leg up.

Cross Cat Partners

As an independent SI, Cross Cat has assembled a wide ranging set of technical skills responding to both platform- and application-level needs.

The ability to freely make the technical and product decisions – for both software and hardware – that are best for each customer. As an independent SI, a key Cross Cat strength is that we are not wedded to any particular software or hardware manufacturer, or platform. Our engineers offer expertise in a broad array of OSs and programming languages, including open-source software, and in database and other software, and respond swiftly and precisely to each customer's unique needs. In addition, we offer services not only at the application level but also for the platforms that are the major determinants of key system concerns, such as system quality, reliability, and security. At Cross Cat, we support the construction of customer systems through a comprehensive array of services encompassing post-development system operation and maintenance.

Cross Cat pursues efficient high-quality system design and development through its PMO.

Cross Cat's PMO, or Project Management Office, is an organizational unit dedicated to managing system design and development projects with the greatest quality and efficiency possible. Aiming to provide customers with even better systems, Cross Cat was one of the first to adopt the PMO concept in the IT industry. Our PMO provides management support for individual projects, coordinates support among the projects underway, and takes other steps, as well, to promote greater quality in the systems we develop for every project. For greater system quality at the company level, the PMO advances the standardization of development methods and processes. The PMO is constantly improving our quality assurance systems, so we don't have to depend on the efforts of individual engineers to reliably deliver high quality.