Using the know-how of an independent SI to support system construction and
operation for a broad array of industries.


In offering System Development and BI Business services, Cross Cat relies on its extensive experience in performing consulting, development, operation, and other work for customers across a broad range of industries. In our System Development Services, we offer customers sophisticated, meticulously developed systems for advancing their business strategies. And through our BI Business, we support customers from start to finish in projects focused on making the most of information.



Applying over 30 years of know-how, we offer the wide-ranging financial sector solutions excelling in both stability and quality.

Over the many years we have been constructing and integrating systems for financial institutions, we have been engaged in work like the building, maintenance, and operation of account systems for banks, and delivered countless solutions characterized by their outstanding stability and quality. Our extensive knowledge base also covers the insurance sector, where we are expanding our solution offerings in response to growing system demand engendered by factors like industry restructuring, deregulation, and product diversification.

Solution Characteristics

  1. Comprehensive design of open-source core systems
  2. Common processing services to simplify operations
  3. Customer focused multi-vendor sourcing
  4. Application of the latest technologies


Working from a wealth of experience acquired over 20+ years, we have risen to the challenges of IC, Internet, and other technological paradigm shifts.

With a track record of 20-plus years in building systems for customers in areas including international brand management, domestic and member retailer operations, and membership credit management, we offer one-stop services spanning needs at every level from development through maintenance. As an organization of professionals with advanced technical skills and expertise, we contribute to the advancement of society by providing systems optimized for particular needs.

Solution Characteristics

  1. Intimate knowledge of credit operations based on a track record of 20+ years
  2. Resident, on-site development and project-based development
  3. Responsive to needs arising from settlement diversification and tightening regulation
  4. Advanced development capabilities for international brand management


We operate public sector systems, work with public sports betting systems, and offer other forms of support for no-down systems functioning as social infrastructure.

We design, operate, and maintain wide-area disaster-response and security systems for government data centers. With its wide-ranging technical and operational intelligence spanning both mainframes and Internet applications, Cross Cat offers outstanding quality in services for government and public sports betting systems. We are also steadily building a solid track record in publicly bid projects, and work with gas, long-term care, and other systems with broad social significance.

Solution Characteristics

  1. Build and maintain infrastructure with a nationwide scale
  2. Long track record in public sector and public sports betting systems
  3. Construction of extensible, reliable, secure systems
  4. Hold unified bidding qualification (A Rank) covering all national government ministries


We develop systems for telecomm carriers and build a broad range of Web development solutions.

Cross Cat has a long history of success in developing network control and monitoring solutions for mobile communications. In 1996, we began performing Web-related work in earnest and now develop a broad range of solutions for community-site, email, marketing, retail, settlement, and other needs.

Solution Characteristics

  1. High-quality development using ICT for mobile communications
  2. Long track record in Web-related development

Manufacturing, Retail, and other sectors

Applying our accumulated base of advanced know-how, we respond to information application needs across a wide array of industries.

Cross Cat helps customers establish BI (Business Intelligence) systems that make operations visible, optimize inventories, cut costs, improve quality assurance, and empower them in other ways that allow them to bring all of their advantages to bear in increasingly competitive global markets. Our years of experience in BI implementations serves as a base from which we offer “CCBITemplate” decision-making framework models.

Solution Characteristics

  1. IT management support from the customer's perspective
  2. Long track record in BI implementation consulting

IT Platform Construction and Operation

We provide system platform services based on cutting-edge architectures in a multi-vendor environment.

Working in collaboration with integrators and data center providers, Cross Cat has built a long record of experience and results in system platforms – the determinants of system quality. That base of knowledge and expertise enables us to provide high-quality services spanning the building and operation of servers and networks that comply with the U.K. government’s ITIL system guidelines.

Solution Characteristics

Platform Construction

  1. IT platform construction for cloud computing
  2. Respond to needs related to both operational and monitoring servers


Operational Support

  1. ITIL-V3-compliant CAP-Do services
  2. 24Hours7Days support services

BI Business

By making management information visible, Cross Cat services help customers implement rapid, accurate decision making and develop strategies for beating the competition.

Leveraging our years of proven results in BI implementations that promote management innovation and efficiency, we provide proprietary CCBITemplates enabling BI applications optimized for particular industries, and call upon partnerships with leading BI vendors, to provide total support for building and implementing BI systems that engender next-generation management.

Cross Cat Partners

What is a “CCBITemplate?”

A prototype framework that makes various bits of know-how visible as formal knowledge when implementing BI.